Alta Plaza Preschool's program addresses the individual, social, emotional and educational needs of children between the ages of 2 ½ and 5 ½. The open classroom format is designed around the belief that the younger children benefit from modeling their older peers, while the older children benefit from being the “big kid.” These relationships foster self-esteem and personal growth, essential to the readiness for kindergarten. The children are also given age appropriate activities, with teacher guidance, to continually challenge them and stimulate each child's individual learning process.

Children at Alta Plaza Preschool learn by doing. Independence is fostered in children through exposure to the world around them. Play is child's work. Through activities offered, each child can master skills in the areas of communication, cognitive and physical development and social interaction. By experiencing success in these areas, a child becomes more confident and self-reliant. These positive learning experiences contribute to the development of each child's sense of self and emotional well-being.

The classroom is designed to facilitate self-help in all areas. The children are not dependent upon the teachers for any resources. All appropriate free-play articles are within reach. Paints, paper, pens, crayons, puzzles, books, dramatic play, science activities, water play and other activities are always available.

Alta Plaza Preschool believes in promoting behavior management and behavior modification rather than “disciplining” young children. Children need the security of limits, which tell them what is acceptable as well as what is not acceptable. Teachers are always consistent and firm with their expectations.