We are a play based preschool that strives toward a child-centered curriculum. Our teachers put play at the heart of our curriculum and help to support the children in this with proper time, materials, and thoughtful teaching. We plan our environment to reflect the children’s interests. We understand that children are active, sensory learners who need many opportunities for exploration, social interaction, and problem solving. We are more interested in the learning process than in planning products to display.

We work with an emergent curriculum. This planning involves introducing materials and interactions that stimulate the emergence of the children’s ideas and understandings. As the children’s interests emerge, we plan enriching activities to add to the environment and continue the learning process. When a child sees that their interests are being heard and explored, their desire to learn grows. Although we, as teachers, may think we know a lot, we never know exactly what our students know or how they came to know it.

We understand that each age group requires different things and that what a 2 year old can learn is not the same as what a 4 year old can learn. We work on creating developmentally appropriate curriculum for each group. Each year we work to lay foundations for skills that will be developed in the coming years. Without the skills learned in the Yellow Duck year, a child would not be as successful as a Red Rooster, and without the skills learned as a Red Rooster, a child would have trouble succeeding as a Blue Bird. The foundational skills learned in Pre-K as a Blue Bird, give the child all of the tools that they will need to begin their academic career in Kindergarten.